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Lost Sector Stories: The Empty Tank

[spoiler]This is a series of posts dedicated to finding the stories and lore behind Lost Sectors, one of the most underrepresented game features. I’m probably not going to cover [i]every[/i] Lost Sector, since not every one is interesting enough. Masterpost:[/spoiler] Heeello everyone, this basically the pilot episode of Lost Sector Stories. At first, I wanted to make posts about multiple Lost Sectors, but I decided to only focus on one Sector per post, that way I can write as much as I want to. The first few posts are probably still going to be about the Sectors in the Tangled Shore. ___________________________________________________ The Empty Tank is located in the Tangled Shore, a series of strapped together asteroids in the Reef with magical gravity. More specifically, it’s situated in Thieves Landing, a Fallen occupied area. Very close to the entrance of this Lost Sector is the entrance to Spider‘s “secret” bunker. As soon as you enter the actual Lost Sector, you will hear the...distinct...sound of music. Yes, the Lost Sector is a club, a dance club...a Fallen dance club. It’s even more, but we’ll get to that later. Destiny 1 veterans will probably recognize the music that’s playing in short intervals. Multiple pieces are featured, including Paul McCartney’s “Hope for the future”, a country song and some more. All of them were previously playable in a lounge area of the D1 tower. Good times. A large window let’s you take a look at the club before even entering combat. We have a Vandal DJ jamming it up, a Servitor chilling in the back, probably powering this club, and a fight between a Dreg and a Vandal, right next to the DJ. The DJ mixing station is actually made up of multiple jukeboxes from the old tower. Shanks are flying around, carrying drinks. Yes, this is happening. You go left and are immediately greeted by the bouncer. You kill him, which opens the door to the club (as a decently social person I can confirm: this is how you normally get into clubs). You kill all the enemies and can now investigate the DJ’s console. A door will open up and a Captain will intercept you. Kill him and advance to the next stage of this madness. So far, we’ve learned that the Fallen like them some clubbin’ when not failing at everything. But that’s not where this look into their surprisingly interesting social activities ends. In the next room you encounter complete darkness. The flashlight of your ghost reveals a room filled with cages, stacked on top of each other. Once you enter the room, a Hive Thrall will attack you. It has busted its cage open, which seemingly lead to the death of at least one Vandal, since a corpse can be found right in front of that cage. The cages feature a variety of low intelligence creatures, like Thralls, War Beasts and Screebs. All of those are present on the Tangled Shore, so they are probably captured locally. Keen eyed Guardians can spot a set of rails at the end of this room. They lead right up to the next big reveal of this Lost Sector. A fighting arena. That’s what the captured beasts are used for. Currently fighting are a Cabal War Beast and a Fallen Wretch. I’m pretty certain the Wretch always wins if you let them fight. In the back of the room are more Fallen, hanging out. They are protected by a standard Fallen energy shield. They are clearly the observers and you’ve just entered the ring. Don’t worry, the competition isn’t tough. Only two small waves of Fallen and War Beasts respectively. Once you’ve survived these waves, the shield will lower and the Fallen are forced to fight for themselves. Of course, this Lost Sector has a Boss: Azillis, Dusk Marauder. His title isn’t that interesting, it’s literally just a description of what he his. A Marauder from the House of Dusk. Why he is in charge is unknown, but he gets a fancy little throne. He’s probably the owner of the club, fits the shady nature of the Marauders. Kill him to get access to the chest. The chest sits in a type of trophy room. Lots of guardian weapons are displayed throughout the room. A Cabal helmet and shield are hanging on a wall, joined by a Sentinel shield. Interesting. Maybe it’s just a model of one, but this [i]could[/i] indicate that Sentinels summon a physical shield, rather than one made purely out of void light. Another is stashed on top of a crate. The chest is certain the main display here. Honestly, there are not a lot of hidden or hard to find story elements in here. Everything is right in your face. Trust me, the others won’t be like that. But I talked about the rails earlier. They lead to the fighting area and seem like the way cages are transported to the area. You can also make comparisons to roman gladiator combat, but that should be obvious. Fights in pits of Rome often included animals, so see the closest thing to that we have in Destiny. Overall, this Lost Sector is an all round entertainment complex for Fallen. The Fallen structures in Thieves Landing seem more civilian then usual. This really fits the image of an outlaw outpost, something that might have even belonged to Spider at one point. I wouldn’t put it behind him to treat his members to a little bit of fun. I also remember a lore card where Cayde meets Variks in a bar, I think it was in the Tangled Shore. I can’t remember which card it was, sorry. But maybe it was this very establishment, who knows? _____________________________________________ I think that wraps up the first post of Lost Sector Stories. This story might have been a very obvious one, but I still wanted to cover this one first, it’s a fan favorite after all. This post will probably be longer then then most other posts of this series. Leave some suggestions for the next ones or maybe what you’d like to see improved. I hope you enjoyed this, keep looking out for more of this in the future. [spoiler][/spoiler]

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