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Editado por Doctor_Roidberg: 1/10/2019 7:58:06 AM

Celestial Nighthawk confuses me.

Let’s take a look at our Golden Gun. Top tree, six shooter, spin to win and fan the hammer. If you melee then pull it back out it does the Last Word’s signature spin to ready. It is fired like Last Word, fanning the hammer for all six shots. Makes sense for a classic six shooter. Then comes bottom tree Golden Gun. A flaming Eyesluna. A cool touch, considering how popular Eyasluna was in D1 and how deadly accurate it could be, picking off those headshots. Makes sense for a precision Golden Gun. Now the thing that is Celestial Nighthawk Golden Gun. Throw your helmet on, cast your super, and... Last Word? It’s the exact look of top tree Golden Gun, but it doesn’t spin and you don’t touch the hammer. It’s the six shooter Golden gun acting like the precision Golden Gun. Makes absolutely no sense. Moving on to the MASSIVE MISSED OPPORTUNITY. Eyasluna translates roughly to “baby hawk.” This was made widely known when there was rumored connection between Eyasluna and the exotic hand cannon, Hawkmoon. “Baby Hawk” becoming Hawkmoon. These suspicions were further made believable with the Carrion ornament, which to a certain viewer could appear to be an Eyasluna with some fancy embellishments. Big connection between Eyasluna and Hawkmoon. Consider the name. “Celestial (heavenly) Nighthawk (explains itself) This name in combination with the precision Golden Gun being a flaming Eyasluna would leave open the PERFECT opportunity for Bungie to make the Celestial Nighthawk Golden Gun variant A FLAMING. HAWKMOON. But they didn’t. It’s just Last Word. Not even Eyasluna. Last Word. What?

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