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1/10/2019 9:26:50 PM

Wtf why is the leviathan underbelly time gated!

Why is the leviathan underbelly code, time gated, i have just wasted 30 mins running back and foward putting the dam code in! This is not fun, there is no point to it, there is no reason you have to be able to put this dam code in, in under 6 -blam!-ing seconds! I am not having fun, this is not fun, i even tried reloading the dam raid cos that 5th switch is buggy as -blam!- on ps4, i hate you, i hate this game, why does a switch sequence have to be set up so you can not solo it, its not like my light level effects my -blam!-in switch pulling power! You can see from the 15 min video how many times i have to restart it cos the 5th switch never moves even thou the use icon spins round, you knew there would be a tone of players comeing to do this now, you just made it part of the dam game, did you not think, i know, might be worth our while making sure players can put the dam code in! Once more you ruin the game with pettyness! You can go 153246 your self bungie!

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