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1/10/2019 8:36:59 AM

Warlock Bonds

Alright so not tryna be negative towards the artists who work very hard on this game, but I gotta say the Warlock armor for the most part in D2 is severely lacking. There are absolutely some bright spots as I love the reverie dawn and raid sets as well as the black armory armor, however, there is one thing in common with every single armor set that always disappoints me and it’s the BONDS. (Also that there’s always a large patch of brown on seemingly every armor set that does not change colors with shaders pls bungie) Hunters get dope ass choices for capes with large creative decorations, Titan’s have sashes with tears and colors in it to show its use and character, and Warlocks best bonds are a rubber band with a nightlight on it. The class item to me is all about style with the added bonus of some perks and most of the warlock bonds are some sort of armband with a pattern that you can’t see unless you zoom in and the others are some sort of holographic design that you can also barely see. It just feels like Titans and Hunters get the priority on design and then they remember Warlocks exist lmao, there’s so much potential with bonds you can make a taken one that flows down my whole arm or some feckin wings or like lava to represent the forge fires BE CREATIVE TAKE RISKS!

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