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1/9/2019 5:51:23 AM

Maras Rant

For those who have uninstalled but still linger. Links to Maras rant during this Curse Week. Includes the Create Your Own Story (if you slow it down) On a side note: I have personally uninstalled D2 but I'm keeping up D1 as a light hobby. It's more fun but it only keeps my attention for an hour due to literally nothing new. [spoiler]blah blah blah D2 has become a bland checklist for me[/spoiler] But I only [i]really[/i] cared about visiting Mara because homegirl is cryptic and awesome. I figured others would be in the same boat. Will I return? Probably in Sept, but not anytime soon. I'll be watching from the forums as the community is at each others throats with flaming blades and handheld cosmic phenomena. *insert Titan reference here* SEE YOU GUYS IN SEPTEMBER!! [spoiler]seriously though, Titans need some reworks and I'm not even a Titan[/spoiler]

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