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1/2/2019 7:07:31 PM

The grind is not fun. Its work

This has almost certainly been said before but I just wanted to lay down a bit of a rant myself. I am going to form this as a Q&A from my experience from day one of destiny 2. Q:Why does gear that is not "powerful" drop around 25 power levels lower than my current level? A: To make sure you have to grind for enhancement cores to use all of your loot. Q: Why do i need enhancement cores to infuse AND to masterwork my gear? A: To make sure you have a mindless grind no matter what you are doing. Q: What happened to faction rallies? A: What that? Q: why are their so many AFK exploiters in gambit and crucible? A: We create pursuit and bounty objectives that reward that kind of exploitation. Q: why is their still no match making for raids or nightfall? A: we like to make it overly complicated to play without setting a schedule. (IE we want the grind for gear to be a job not a game) Q: why does xur still not sell new gear? A: Who is xur? Q: how come your loot tables are so messed up that edge transit became a meme? A: We fixed that... but your still gonna get a plethora of other dupes no matter what you do. we just don't really care about our loot tables that much. Q: is pvp the only reason most people still play? A: 100% that's all we care about. we made halo! I know some of these are just me complaining and I am sure some folks will just throw childish insults at me, but this game Is just not fun for a solo player at all. There is no reason to play strikes the loot sucks. there is no reason to cue crucible, half of the time both teams have an afk bot of some kind or full 4 man squad against my 4 Rando Calrissian squad. Lost sectors are a joke sold as a new feature at launch. And instead of fixing factions or making them meaningful Bungie just kinda threw them out. Destiny 1 ate my brain for almost 3 years. I couldn't get enough, the strike playlist was my go to for after work relaxing. Destiny 2 however has me burned out by the grind, and the endlessly punishing (and repetitive) loot table. (my last 4 exotics were knucklehead and they were each about 3 weeks apart) At any rate, I will see y'all when penumbra drops. Until then destiny 2 is getting shelved.

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