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[PC] [EU] Teh Lurds Of Teh Grind

We're pretty much a 'don't care' type of group (dirty casuals). No strings attached or what have you. Some of us are playing games together since (2001) early 'Aliens vs. Predator 2' days. So we mostly hate-love each other, and have a good troll once in a while. We like to chill on comms with music, have a laugh or what have you. With that being said, our 'open door' policy allows you to join freely and enjoy some cool stuff these clan thingies offer. We don't run tight schedules, we don't oblige people to join social media or messaging groups. Real life comes first. We just help and do stuff together sporadically. What's that stuff? Well ... We clear out milestones, bounties, escalation protocol, blind well, nightfall, strikes, gambit and so on and so forth. Raids? Considering our player count is starting to rise, we're gonna start with 'em real soon. You are welcome to join our discord if you feel like it. Obviously this is all at your own leisure. So yea, what else is there to say? Join us and enjoy the ride, right?

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