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1/1/2019 11:11:24 AM

Stormcaller Super Rework Idea (probs for transcendence one)

Lemme start this one by reminding y'all that the stormcaller is in my opinion the best ad clear in the game when Tempest Crown is equipped, but I would like to see an aura based super that worked passively similar to the titan bubble, but was mobile and didn't offer additional armor. The super sounds like some kind of ward, ward of dawn is taken so probs idk lightening bubble for now. But basically just a bubble that ticks slowly till it removes itself, but can sustain damage from enemies that will increase the warlocks speed inside. Anyone inside can shoot outward except enemies because, shield. The whole class would probably be made around getting close to enemies so speed boosts similar to pulse wave would work out. This is definitely a defensive super, but sometimes you need a defensive super to stay alive longer in certain situations.

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