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Would you buy 1/4 Resin Destiny Statues?!





I'd perfer smaller PVC statues


[b]First, a bit of context[/b]: I joined a statue club under the company [url=]First4Figures[/url] a while ago. Every Sunday HK time (Saturday @ 11am EST), they hold something known as "F4Funday", where club members can rally for any anime or game that they'd like to see as a future F4F statue. SO! I have been trying to rally for Destiny these past few Fundays. The more people who rally for a franchise, the more likely it is that F4F (First4Figures) will take it into consideration to contact the Licensors. Currently, F4F works with Activision on Sypro, so it's not impossible. [b]Now, back to my original question[/b]: I'm curious to see who outside of the F4F club page and who in the actual Destiny community would be behind purchasing these statues. These are high end statues, not your kiddy toys and are for collector's. And just for perspective, the AVERAGE price range seems to be in the $400 - $700 for the single, high end, large statues. They can be anywhere from $200 - $1,200 (Combo packs are on the $1,000 end) with sizes ranging in the 13in to 23in+ tall. Chibis and PVCs are cheaper and smaller, normally in the $100 range. THERE ARE PAYMENT PLANS! And if for whatever reason you can't pay for a month or so, you can halt payments for 3 months. With that added knowledge would you still be interested? Check out their website and their work and let me know how you'd feel about a Destiny statue line from these guys. Thanks!

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