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Editado por its12time: 12/30/2018 1:42:28 PM

Audio issue. skipping around audio channels. sounds tinny.

I had Destiny 2 running and alt tabbed to check that I had my surround on my headset on. I have the Logitech g933 wireless headset. When I looked in my Logitech software I saw that a common problem with the headset not appearing despite the headset being connected and working just fine. While I was in the process of fixing this problem I tabbed back into the game and turned the audio down to zero while I was resolving the issue. After I fixed the issue, tabbed back into the game again and turned the audio back up, I then noticed that it seemed like the game was missing audio channels all of a sudden. I thought maybe because of the messing around I did with the software the game just needed to be restarted. I did this and then this is where my current problem now stands. The music starts playing seemingly fine for like 3 seconds and then it seems like the audio starts skipping around the channels in my headset, cutting in and out, and sounds super tinny. I tried reinstalling all of my audio drivers to no success. I then tried just having the audio come through the laptop speakers and the exact same problem seems to be happening even with the laptop speakers. Now I'm thinking it's the game so I did the scan and repair in the blizzard launcher and that did not help either. I have turned the surround on and off, all resulting in the same effect. Other games I have launched work just fine. Any thoughts? Edit. Upon doing some more investigating its like the game can only tolerate so many sounds going off in a short time. if i take a gun out and shoot slowly the sound fires off. but if i rapid fire the audio fires the first 4 or 6 shots then trails off. My headphones work on every other game. A little more technical help, and a little less attention to people complaining about being banned would be nice.

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