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It will never be addressed or even seen by Bungie even if it was trending or got a high number of upvotes or comments agreeing. #feedback is essentially a place where it makes you feel powerful while having your “feedback” or complaints dispensed or let out for later disappearance. Sometimes dmg or Cozmo posts here and comments on a few posts to make it seem they are listening or doing something about it, but that is something they want you to think. One time, I saw dmg address a user’s post about removing masterwork cores from infusion and also stating the obvious like a week or two ago, but masterwork cores are still infusion requirements despite a recent update. I also saw him address a user’s post about bonuses you get about logging everyday, like Fortnite, but it was a couple months ago, so it was probably rejected for some reason. Go to or if you want a better chance for it to be addressed because is a poor subforum for addressing feedback and anyone can be unserious or negative with their feedback so they choose not to check.

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