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-Feeding Time Is A Downer 0-







Give up


Prophecy 0: [quote]People touch people. People know people. People display people. Eat, sleep, feed. Monkeys beat you for being nothing. But you are something. Something rad, terrible, and tasty. You might give up, and do the right thing. The right thing you know. Give up is the only attack. The right thing is the best thing. Give up and be useful. Colour makes us hungry. Colour makes us human. You nurture us! Feed! Feed! Feed! Or you eat or sleep! Or die or die or die. Die. Die. Die. Sleep. Eat. Feed. Aha! Sleep! Eat! Feed! Aha! EATFEEDAHA There is no sleep! So sleep! While others interact over you! Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep! Then till the submission, We shall be fed. Colour makes us human. Colour makes us hungry. Shall you do the right thing?[/quote]

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