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Editado por hehe x3: 12/19/2018 5:39:39 PM

Meyrins vision symbols in volundr

So today i discovered what i believe to be all the symbols for meyrins vision. I could be wrong but I roughly drew what they look like and where theyre located. The location for the 7 symbols found is right in the broken bridge area, mainly the area where you respawn when you die in volundr. The 3 tree symbol is on the boxes, the butterfly is on the ground next to the trees, the rose is on the ceiling above the sun symbol, the sun symbol is in the center of all the symbols and is on the gray area on the ground. The wings are on the cave wall, the heart is on the boxes right next to the cliff of the broken bridge and the wind is on the ground to the left of the broken bridge entrance. I dont know the order to shoot them, nor do i know if these are all the symbols. Hope this helps.

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