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Hablemos de Destiny.
Editado por boots12344: 5/27/2013 6:30:34 PM

Destiny and Kinect (Hear me out on this)

This would be unfriggenbelievable


This would be cool, but with some changes


This is worse than the Flood with Rocket Launchers


IN CASE OF TL;DR, SKIP TO 3RD PARAGRAPH FOR THE BULK OF THE TOPIC Maybe this has been covered already, but in case it hasn't, let me just propose some ideas. Now, I know what you're thinking when it comes to Xbox One: they -blam!-ed up. On a serious note, take some time to read this, cause it might have some cool ideas, and truth be told, we haven't learned anything about the Xbox One when it comes to gaming itself. Honestly, its an Xbox, it can't be terrible at gaming. I've never had a Kinect, mainly cause they've been buggy and not very responsive. I also never got one since there was no integration in my favorite FPS's, and if there was, it wasn't anything worth spending the extra money on. With the new Kinect though, I do seem some neat potential that could arise from integrating it into the game. Obviously, all Xbox ones will have a Kinect, and I couldn't care less if the Kinect is always connected or not; I mean, its a goddamn wire and a camera, if you're not using it, it won't do anything, and that isn't a deal breaker at all. Now, from what I've seen and read, the new Kinect is MUCH more accurate and responsive. Now, from these new improvements in tracking, imagine being able to signal to other players by simply using your arms. No button touches, no button combos, not even menus to bring up. For example, if you see someone and want them to approach you, simply gesture with you physical hand as if you were beckoning someone towards you in real life. Then, the Kinect could recognize the motion and translate it to a beckoning animation in Destiny. Couple this with a microphone, and you've got some serious player interaction. Another example could be if you're about to be attacked by another human player in Destiny (if that's even possible, we don't know yet) and you want the guy to chill out. Simply hold up your arms as if you're surrendering, and let the player know "Hey, bro, I don't want to fight you, lets team up instead". The cool thing about this is that it would add a HUGE amount of simplicity to communicating with unknown players and it would make the game a lot more immersive and interactive (isn't that what Destiny's all about?). If you wanted to get really into it, you could even say that players could be able to use hand signals as a way of communicating during a stealth mission or ambush against AI's or human players (if those exist, hopefully they will). Imagine sneaking through a jungle, and all of a sudden you see a group of the Fallen scouting through the area. Now you could devise some sort of plan with signals with your buddy or probably even random player. Imagine having the ability to physically simulate gestures inside a video game. I think that would be pretty sick. Most importantly, this feature technically wouldn't be NECESSARY in order to play the game, but it would just be helpful and it would make the game more interactive and player-friendly. Considering every Xbox One owner would have a Kinect, why would you not want to use it though. What do you guys think? (Check out the link for an idea for some gestures. Obviously, the gestures wouldn't be THAT expansive. Look at the more general ones)

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