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12/11/2018 11:06:43 PM

Milestones not giving proper light gear - Again

Just completed two Tier 3 runs of the "Well of Futility" in the Dreaming City for the Queens bounty. Make my way over to the Spine of Keres to her communication portal, turn in my Offering and open the chest. I got a 604 Sleepless rocket launcher. My current Light level was 622 and my max light is 622.8. My other Character are 620 to 621 light. 604 is not "Powerfull Gear" Bungie when I'm 622. You stiffed all 3 of my characters last week when I completed the Mars Flashpoint 3 times. My chracters were 605 to 610 light, I got 3 pieces of mid 580 gear for " Powerful Gear". Is the new norm of your incompetence or do you even care anymore cause you got our "Expansion Money"?

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