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Editado por Adam: 12/14/2018 10:23:12 PM

Chaos Reach needs less brightness, maybe highlight targets to be usable

The super is a lot of fun, and for massive bosses it's okay because they are bigger than the beam. However, for everything else whether PVE or PVE (especially PVP), it's just too difficult to see your targets. Please reduce the glare the super creates, and adjust the perk tree so that targets are highlighted or make the beam transparent, or both, or something. As it is now, the Chaos Reach blast is just too difficult to use due to the visibility issues. This is from console, ps4 pro, but it's a problem across platforms. It's not quite as severe on PC when I play because my FOV is 100 and my fps is set to 144, but it's still quite difficult. Please address this glaring issue. Here's a clip I made with some examples: Additionally, please adjust the ceiling cap because in order to acquire a good vantage point with this super, you must be high in the air, but you frequently leave the play zone which blurs your screen. Overall, the visibility, FOV, etc all needs to be reviewed and adjusted for this super.

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