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12/9/2018 11:56:25 PM

Blade Barrage is OP

Blade Barrage is out of control. It is the only Powered Melee that can almost guarantee at least 3 kills in PVP if the players are there. You can't do that with Warlocks Ball Lighting. Heck, it barely even kills in PVE unless it's a direct hit, and in PVP, it takes down shields, but doesnt kill unless the player is already damaged. You sure as hell can't get 3 players with the Titan's Throwing Hammer. The Throwing Hammer also isnt an instant kill if you hit someone in PVP. They have to already be damaged. Yet Everytime I'm hit with a Blade Barrage, even 1/2 a room away, there are always 1-2 near me killed as well because of the spread. THAT IS B.S. Especially since Grenades and Rockets are not going to be instant kills. Blade Barrage needs to be toned way down, or reduce the blade spread or allow Ball Lighting and Throwing Hammer the potential for Multi kills.

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