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12/10/2018 4:31:57 AM

[XBOX1] Fear Thee Pink Mist [AU/NZ] [Discord]

- Primarily Australian and New Zealand based, welcome to all though. Most active times for the clan tend to be 5 pm to midnight (Australian Central Time/ +Daylight Savings) - Members: 64, around 10 frequently active. - Requirements: Be friendly and respectful. We're strict on people being able to enjoy the game in a safe, comfortable manner. - Other: It is preferable that you have voice comms, and essential if you wish to raid and dungeon with us, we don't mind if you have a little background noise (kids, dogs etc) just don't be blasting music into your headset. We're a really friendly group of people so don't feel anxious about having a chat to us. - We are mostly 18+. Significantly younger players will likely find it difficult to feel properly involved and I would suggest you try find others of your age to develop like minded friends. Preferably you'll be 16+ Hello fellow guardians, I am EncycLLOYDpedia (AKA Jarred) and are one of the founding admins of Fear Thee Pink Mist. We founded the clan with the intention of fostering a supportive and fun environment to enjoy the world of Destiny. Our active numbers have fallen due to many of us getting older, and subsequently more busy, however we have several dedicated core players and a decent network of friends to be able to complete some of the more challenging activities. We complete the clan banner every season and often run raids. I'd like to bring the active membership up to increase this frequency and begin doing clan activities (private PvP, raids etc) A few of us are deep into the lore of the game, as well as the technical side, so strategies, gear etc and many of the games secrets. - We've been around since day one, Destiny and have continued through the turbulent Destiny 2. We're a mix of casual and hardcore players, primarily focused on PvE activities but do a mix of everything. - There is a clan discord that is used for providing information, guides and discussion. It isn't a requirement to use but only benefits clan members with quick access to information like how to heroic every public event. - We're welcoming of all ability levels and more than willing to educate and assist the various activities within Destiny 2. If you're interested in joining or have questions, either reply to this or PM myself on either Xbox or here.

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