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12/7/2018 8:34:15 PM

Issues with Black Armory - how do you feel about the power barrier to play the new content?

Literally a Bungo pls I guess but why would they make the barrier to entree for black armory so much higher for an average player. Literally I've worked hard to get all 3 characters to 600 power so you'd at least think they'd make the barrier to do AT LEAST the first forge 600 base. This allows for more natural progression towards the next two and working towards doing the next raid. This barrier to entree feels so -blam!-ing bad and frankly it's burning out the players in my clan. Many of my friends stopped playing again due to this barrier, and I'm getting tired of it too. I'm always down for more content to play but make it accessible without the ridiculous grind off the bat anyway to at least play it.

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