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Editado por Chrono37: 12/5/2018 6:41:05 AM

Exotic Quest **ALERT** Found "Mysterious Box" item while exploring Volundr Forge area

Hey guys! I just randomly found this exotic quest item while exploring the room where you start the Volundr Forge event! I linked to a pinterest board I created with photos! Lets get crackin! XD EDIT: Photos on my pinterest board may be in reverse order from my notes below... 1st Photo: Shows the box quest item 2nd: Shows where to find it - once you jump across the chasm to get to the forge, you will turn immediately around and you should see the ledge and cave pictured, you will see a Black Armory crate and just off to the right of it, is a little box that says "collect loot", so of course I did! lol and it opened big crate 3rd: Shows 1 of about 3 or 4 little doodads I found that mentioned "not having the crest" to trigger them 4th: Shows this console you can "interact" with but as of yet nothing happens that I can tell 5th: Shows the rock that said console can be found behind - go straight ahead from where you enter area to the Forge, from there go to your left and head outside, then head over to your right and you will just need to jump over the rock pictured I can't believe of all the things to stumble upon! Enjoy guys! Let's figure this out! XDDD #sneakybungie

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