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Editado por LeVante: 12/2/2018 1:37:11 AM

Either you get destroyed or you win with huge difference eirher way

This is how the crucible works now it's mercy rule 90% of the times you just need to be lucky to be on the side with a lot of Luna's Howl so that your win is guaranteed. I mean seriously....? How did we get to this stage of crucible completely ruined? What happened to balanced matches? It's always "breaking the team to find a better match" and it NEVER works, it always gets worse. I don't mind loosing but I'd like not to be completely stomped every single time. Why don't you out together all and always the guys with the -blam!-ing Luna's Howl so that they can destroy themselves without ruining all the rest of our matches and maybe everything would be more balanced.

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