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Exo drop rate

I kept track of my exo drops over the last three weeks. So far, I got 23 drops, 18 of them old ones or duplicates. I have been grinding Forsaken hard since its release with three characters, almost always doing all milestones, 3 raids per week, Gambit and what not. Still I am missing some of the best new exos, like one eyed mask, geomag stabs and shards of galanor. So here's my feedback on that: Go to hell for this, you damn morons. Go. To. Hell. I am not saying "go back to pre Forsaken drop rates", but obviously you couldn't care less about your community and what they are really saying and really want. All who count for you are the few self proclaimed wannabe pro die hards who always cry "make it harder", and who are by no means representative for the Destiny player base. I hope your entire player base for D3 will be those diehards. You will have like 50K - 100K players and get ruined. Which would be a good thing for gamers and the industry. And certainly for me.

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