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Editado por Organic Machine: 11/28/2018 1:28:46 AM

Had it all planned out weeks ago, ruined by a bug....

Harbinger’s Echo. I know it’s stupid, but I have wanted this more than any Forsaken item since I first saw it. I love the sparrows. More than the ships. Once I figured out where it came from, I eventually set out to get it. I had to find people that didn’t mind me getting collectibles in Shattered Throne. I had to deviate from the mission in the Corrupted strike in order to get those eggs. I had to make wishes with different characters several weeks in a row to get the raid eggs. I had to find competent people that didn’t mind my inexperience with the raid to beat Morgeth with so that I could get that one egg that can’t be gotten solo. I did all this. I came home from work today so excited to finally get it right at the start of the new season. I shot the 40th egg in the ascendant challenge and...... nothing. Would it be too difficult to implement something in an update that checks to see if the player has the triumph and if they do, the game prompts them to pick it up from a vendor? Even if it gave a second one to people who have already gotten it. The Collections system makes that a non issue. Is there no word on a fix for this? It has been weeks and the game has I think been updated twice since it was available. I’m so disappointed right now that I don’t even want to play the game at all.

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