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11/26/2018 4:46:47 AM

Bring Creativity Back To Weapon Visuals

Let me just start by saying that the Dreaming City, Gambit and Raid weapons are the most beautiful and intricate works of art ive seen in a weapon and It would be an honor to meet the artists who made them. That being said, there is just an embarrassing about of asset repurposing in this game. Thin line, Ten Paces and Wardens Law ( a strike exclusive) are the same guns with some slight color and barrel differences and they are even in the same RoF archetypes. Ether Doctor and Misfit are the same weapons but in different RoF archetypes. Go Figure and Right Side of Wrong are the same weapon, in the same RoF archetype but with slightly different visual effects. Trackless Waste and Bad Reputation are the same weapons with slightly different colors. ALL The Iron Banner Weapons are just gambit weapons with slightly different visuals. Long Goodbye and Bite of the Fox are both the gambit sniper just with a different scope. Hard Truths, the crucible SMG, is a red Escape Velocity SMG from dead orbit with a bird on the side. Fate Cries Fowl, the crucible sniper, is a red Shepards Watch with a bird on the side. In Forsaken, there is no new vanguard scout, auto rifle, smg, pulse rifle, fusion rifle, rocket launcher, or sword. There is no new crucible scout, auto rifle, pulse rifle, fusion rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, or sword. ALL "pinnacle" weapons ( rewards for the hard core playerbase ) are already in destiny 1 or 2 almost exactly with some slight visual tweaks. Conclusion: EVERY Expansion In Destiny one brought at Least one new weapon of each type for Vanguard, Crucible, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy and Future War Cult. Including new Iron Banner weapons and armor and Queens Wrath weapons and armor. All of this on top of strike exclusive weapons and armor. Please bring back this kind of variety because weapon grinding has been the key to longevity in this game since its original launch and cant be skimped on even when the rest of the game is going well. Destiny one had rampant reskinning as well but made up for it with sheer number. Destiny 2 has slightly less reskinning but does not make up for it in number. If you intend to change the nature of the endgame away from weapon grinding then introduce the new formula before you take away the old formula. This aspect of the game feels very lazy despite its importance to the community. I am open to input. Thank you for your time.

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