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11/27/2018 5:21:27 AM

I Give Up

I don’t know how many hours I have dumped into crucible in the last four years, but after what Bungie has put me through, I just can’t take it anymore. 50+ matches in a span of 10 hours trying to get the Luna’s, only to be stripped of my Fabled ranking as the season goes over still lacking 60 difficult hand cannon headshots. I am depressed. I put aside hours I could have spent working, hanging out with my brother, studying, all because I love this game, and yet it will be for nothing. All I wanted was a gun so I could stop getting bodied in the game I love, now new updates are coming about and I’ll never get it. 100 nasty posts I leave on this forum won’t do anything, neither will me whining, but why did Bungie [i]forsaken[/i] us with this long terrible quest? Redrix was simply rank 3. Now 4 hours and only 42 headshots later, I am literally in tears because there’s no way I will get Luna’s.... ever. Competitive sucks, and the guns obtained through competitive make quickplay suck. Even after pouring quite literally thousands of hours into D1 and at least 300 into D2 thus far, I will never get any “pinnacle” weapon, and that is severely depressing. If by some miracle a Bungie dev sees this, please take away the seasonal glory reset to the bounty for Luna’s, so I and others can get this weapon. I will otherwise have to torture myself through another 300 matches of competive in season 5.

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