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11/24/2018 3:03:59 AM

Redrix and Chromatic Fire

Like many people I recently received my broadsword and I'm getting used to it just like many people I'm sure. I decided to put on Cromatic Fire chest armor because of the perk it has. But I am noticing that when I'm using my broadsword the perk from the fire is not working. Since the broadsword Highlight is the outlaw and Desperado headshots are a must and is noticeable that the chest armor is not working properly . I have tried it with other kinetic weapons and it works with them just fine but not with the broadsword. I believe that this will qualify as officially broken. Bungie could you please look into this as I'm sure many people would agree with me that this chest armor combined with the broadsword would be such a devastating combo that it should not be denied in Destiny. Thank you and looking forward to an update to fix this.

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