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Editado por blusleevz: 11/23/2018 7:00:36 PM

Relics of the golden age STILL BUGGED

Alright I guess I am having the same problem everyone else is with getting the Sturm. I got all my legendary engrams. BUT, I have gotten a few exotics as rewards for doing quests or strikes or whatever, but it hasn't counted. I went to xur hoping that would count, but when I got my stupid vigilance wing for the 3rd time in a row, it did not count. Is it still bugged? (because engrams now auto-decrypt) Or do I have to just kill ads until one randomly pops out of one? That has only happened to me ONCE in all my destiny 2 play time, (seeing an exotic engram on the ground) almost all of my exotic rewards were form missions, which seems to not trigger it. Also, didn't they say the chance of getting exotics you don't have has gone up? Why have I gotten vigilance wing 3 times in a row now? wtf bungo. EDIT: I saw on another form to abandon the activity and get the quest step back from the dude and I wouldn't have to redo the completed steps. So I did that aaaaand I had to start over. granted the 5 legendary engrams and 10 fallen kills isn't that hard.

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