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11/18/2018 12:26:39 AM

Wish-Ender kill feed Issue [XB1]

Hey, :) I've come across an issue where my kill feed will not display information at all (such as super activations and kills across PvP), bar few exceptions. There seems to be a correlation between me using Wish-Ender and triggering the Queen Wrath perk (seeing through walls). The exceptions I mentioned are: 1. When I use an Emote it will display correctly but not when someone else does. 2. When I am killed in a PvP mode, by another player, displays weapon type and headshots correctly. This bug will persist even when I swap to different weapons and between game modes (PVE and PVP), until I hard close the game and fully log out. I hope this leads to a fix, upvote if you have this bug. Thanks for reading <3

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