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11/15/2018 8:18:14 AM

Dreaming City Vehicles

It's already 10 week of Forsaken. I closed every activity in Dreaming City with two characters! And I still didn't get sparrow and ship from dreaming city. Why the drop rate for this item even less, than exotics, for god's sake? I already destroyed 40 corrupted eggs (and didn't get the sparrow, btw, thanks for bugs), collected all bones and the only thing that stand between me and Cursebreaker is this sparrow and ship, which looks like have 0.00001 % chance to drop from 0,1 % of DC activities. Yes, I know there are some lucky people, who have this items. Well, I got all new exocitc weapons and almost all exotic armor for Warlock in Forsaken. My first Forsaken exotic droped on the second week of the game in Blind Well. But this don't mean all people on this forum, who still can't get any exotic from Forsken, are just losers and should stop crying. This mean the drop rate is broken, guys. Can we at least have clarification from Bungie due to where and how offen I can get ship, sparrow and ghost shell? P.S. Exotic ship from Whisper of the Worm quest was easier to obtain. Do you think it's ok? The legendary vehicles that harder to get, then exotic ones...I don't think so.

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