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11/11/2018 9:20:57 AM

Is The Queenbreaker Gambit meta worse than Sleeper Simulant?

At this point you’d have to think the issue isn’t Gambit, or ammo economy, or anything else, but rather linear fusions themselves. Sleeper killed on body shot. Queenbreaker damn near feels like it with that ridiculous level of AA on console. I have clips of enemy shots quite literally not hitting me, but still registering as a kill. Bungie that is not okay. 6 gambit matches in a row against stacks of 3 or 4 with dedicated QB users to wipe my entire team without doing much but pointing the gun at me. I like linear fusions, but QB has too much aim assist. And in the big picture Bungie can’t continue to band-aid overarching problems like a poor invasion system. It looks good on paper but when it comes down to it, one player has the capacity to see the enemies through walls, scope up with powerful heavy weapons, and kill them all, often without receiving a single counter shot. The range game in gambit promotes a sit in the back playstyle and it is awful. The premise of the game is to out-PVE a team of opposing guardians. Invasions are cool, but maybe you limit ammo selection and make the invader more of a juggernaut with primary weapons or something. As soon as everyone gets their malfeasance it’s over for this game mode unless something is done.

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