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11/6/2018 5:15:25 PM

USA | PS4 | Extremely Active Adult Elite - Hardcore - Endgame - Raids - PVP | Diamond Ranked Players | 590+

Hello everybody! We are a highly skilled adult clan looking for additional Diamond Ranked players (or near level) for our roster. If you are looking for a sweaty clan to get shit done with, special activities, challenges, raids, 100k NF, we are DEFINITELY it... We easily run 10 raids per week if not more, sometimes multiple raid teams at once. We have over 2900 raid completions between our sweatiest players. Over 900 Prestige Raid clears, Discord, schedules, etc. We already have over 250 Last Wish Raids clears combined. We are serious about progress & skill, but at the same time have fun playing the game. Our clan raids daily, and has a ton of active players everyday, it has some funny & friendly people to play with while busting each others ballz but all in good fun. You should check us out. Slots are running out.... [b]REQUIREMENTS: 1. Download & Use Discord 2. Have a Mic 3. 575+ Light 4. Have PRESTIGE clears on ALL raids (Leviathan / EoW / SoS) 5. Have at least 1 CLEAR in Last Wish[/b] Compared to clans with 2000 members in our clan you get to be a part of the family, make some friends and run all type of endgame content, PVE & PVP. Give us a shot, check out what we are all about, and maybe find a good home for your guardians! Hope you join us... [b]PLEASE RESPECT THE REQUIREMENTS, I UNDERSTAND MANY PEOPLE WAN TO JOIN, BUT IF YOU DON'T COMPLY WITH THE REQUIREMENTS, LET'S NOT WASTE EACH OTHER'S TIME.[/b]

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