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11/7/2018 6:34:21 AM

Possible bug with Current Ascendant Challenge (or did I miss a patch note?)

XBOX. Keep of Honed Edges Ascendant Challenge. Harbinger's seclude. Running into an issue with this week's Ascendant Challenge while trying to hunt down Corrupted Eggs. The Ascendant/hidden platforms (that are only visible while Ascendant) are not spawning for me (or others in fireteam) inside the Challenge, no matter which video guide I'm following along with. And, for me, the sword-flight 'trick' just doesn't work.. (hunter and crap timing). Anyone else with this issue, or a better/updated guide than the ones already posted everywhere? Farming Boughs/Tinctures so I can keep the buff going while inside the AC is getting old....

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