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11/2/2018 3:16:18 PM

(Xbox) Coliseum of Champions Tournament Please read and Like!

Me and my clan have decided to make a tournament on the Xbox. As Xbox has nothing to show for with activities like PC and PS. We are welcoming any clan to participate as this is a fun experience for all. We are hoping this goes well and make this into a bigger event in the near future with better prizes and more gifts to give out for other teams for participating. We are looking for clan groups. It will consist of 64 clans. Each clan will have 4 members with 2 back ups Incase anyone can’t show. There is no super restriction but there is gear restrictions. Only common(green) gear is allowed in the competition. Winners of the tournament will be rewarded with prizes and a guaranteed spot for the next tournament. The tournament will be in January of 2019. It will be a bracket tournament with each advancement will be a different game mode. If interested just message me back and I’ll give you more details.

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