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The Main Issues with Gambit, from an Experienced Player

I've played a good deal of Gambit. I love Gambit. So much so that, it's one of the few things i stream. However, it's not perfect. And I dont think anyone can say that it is. In my opinion, Gambit is like Destiny's version of League of Legends. Why? It makes people toxic, most of the players are trash, and you always lose because of it which makes ranking up impossible. In my playtime, I've encountered the "Ascendant Primeval Servitor" twice. Both times, my team was the first to summon. And both times, the enemy team has summoned, invaded, and killed enough to not let us kill it. And dont get me started on how many times a game has started where i only have 3 people on my team... Here's what I'm trying to get at: -Matchmake people within their respected ranks -Matchmake FULL, 4 person teams, NOT 3 person teams -Make AFK timing shorter. Im talking 5 minutes. Its rediculous how many times i have afk people in my fireteam, let alone the people who are just bots that walk forward 3 feet, shoot a few times, and then repeat it.

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