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10/31/2018 5:40:54 PM

Fix Crucible, Gambit and Strike User Interface : Post 57

STILL F*CKING BROKEN in Update 2.05.00 on XBox One! The UI at the end of a Gambit or Crucible or Strike matches is broken on Xbox One. I’m specifically talking about the end of game screen that shows our scores / performance for both teams and a timer counting down from 20. Sometimes you put up the “Press Y to Leave this Activity” message, but pressing or holding “Y” does nothing. Other times there is no message or “Y” prompt at all to push. Here is a video showing it missing in Iron Banner months ago: Secondly, when this happens, 90% of the time it puts up the waiting for players lobby screen and the "B" button to leave this activity is completely non responsive for 20+ seconds of pressing, holding and repeatedly mashing “B”. Lastly, I will continue to send this message each time (the number at the title end is how many times I have posted) it happens until Bungie gets the fornicating idea that this is very very annoying - just like this message. This is not a me issue, this is a “YOU” issue.

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