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Editado por Perfectionado: 10/27/2018 1:22:33 AM

Short but brief... 3v3's and Elimination.

I was actually looking for a post to upvote but instead found there was nothing at all tagged with '3v3' or 'elimination'. I beg you to bring this back for trials. This was so well designed. With the new token system it would be even better. I can only hope that it comes off of hiatus with 3v3 Elim as the new type. Then, as a cherry on the cake, add 3v3 as a separate playlist into crucible. If you are going to add it into comp, please start balancing the whole solo q's v.s teams. I used to use the 3v3 list to practice my 1v2's, 1v3's. Thank you!

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