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Editado por Saturn Otter: 10/9/2018 12:25:50 AM

Tips for grinding Redrix’s broadsword(post yours below)

1. Fireteam medallions even if you’re solo they count for your teammates so do use them 2. Shaxxy boons(go to shaxx swap pages and view the crucible boons. They are 25 marks for a boon and in return you get 5 tokens per boon popped (up to a total of twelve boons in a match so 60 tokens a game if the enemy team and yours pops them) as well chances at bonus legendary and exotic drops.(check out Nkuchs how to get exotics guide that just dropped recently he explains how it works) 3. Use rumble if you’re a decent player for faster wins+ streaks. Rumble being apart of the valor system means if you come top 3 you get a win. For each win you get up to five you’ll get bonus points per game. If you come 4th-6th you’ll still get points towards valor but it’ll count as a match loss and it’ll take away your streak. Meaning if you wanted a simple mode where you can quickly win or lose rumble is your mode to farm. Plus no teammates to get angry at. 4. Ghost shells. Some of them can give you additional xp and glimmer in crucible so make sure you use one. 5. Play to your strengths. If you’re good with certain weapons use them if you like a certain class use it. 6. If you can or would like to do make sure to team up in quickplay 6v6 with as many players to take benefit of the boons as well as having a good team to help you win. Doesn’t have to be a pubstomp 24/7 but do know with a team you’ll win quite a lot. And you might get trash talked for it. 7. Yes valor resets before the final step in the quest do count. It only shows 0/5 because you need to reach 5 resets for it to tick because it can get glitches out. Meaning if you’re on your 2nd or 3rd reset and you’re just hitting the last step those previous resets will count as long as they were done this season. Season 3 resets DO NOT count. I hope that makes sense to you all. Good luck grinding and again if you have any tips or loadouts to suggest leave them below id love to try some.

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