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My dream plan of owning a PC.



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I want to share a dream/plan I came up: The only reason why I would play on a PC are mods and mods might be more amazing than you may think because they have the ability to change or modify a game you play with someoneelse's vison or feature rather than the developers. But my dream plan is that I will: 1. I will wait for a certain game I want to mod is on sale. 2. Then I will find a PC I could use to play that game. 3. Use mods that I want to use from Nexus to mod the crap out of that game if they work. Also, I have been checking mods on Nexus, and I am concered if these mods will be complicated or tiresome to properly implement into the game, espically with PC requirely a lot of computer maintiance, and the problem of mods being incompatible with other mods. I found a "mod organizer", I wondering if it will work with most of the mods I tracked, and make mod using easier? edit: I tracked over 400 mods! I hope I can get away with all the follwer mods I tracked!

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