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10/4/2018 7:56:20 PM

'Incomplete Match' After game crashed to desktop

Hey everyone, Wondering if anyone else has run into this where the game on PC has crashed to desktop? I've had it a couple of times when in PvE environments. But for the first time last night I've had this happen when in a PvP environment (Gambit) Was pretty annoyed by it as was on a winning streak of 3 with a match made team and we were working well together. We'd just won the first round by a good margin and when attempting to put us all back in the lobby area before round 2, the game locked for 2 secs then crashed back to desktop. It was late so thought I'd go to bed and come back to it today, and have been hit with the 'Incomplete Match' Pop-up saying i'd quit the game and to stay on the drifters good side.. I'm guessing this is a system to slap rage quitters on the wrist but the game crashed, I didn't quit. Feel I'm being unfairly punished for something that I did not cause. Is there not a logging system for when the game crashes in this manor to identify the issue and not potentially put me on a ban list or something? I know there are issues with connectivity right now across the game as frequently myself and friends will get kicked to orbit when in the tower or when returning to orbit after a strike people being removed from the fireteam with a message saying the the fireteam leader has kicked them, is this another connectivity issue? There was a BattleNet update that went in this morning, was that to do with it? Anyone else also experience this? Regards, FinxOmally

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