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Editado por Freedom Midved: 10/4/2018 9:01:22 AM

Suggestion for exotics drop rate

Everyone is complaining about not dropping exotics OR dropping the same over and over. The knowledge that i have is that exotics drop, like everything else in the game, is PURE RNG. Pure RNG is fine but it has to be designed in a perfect way which is almost always impossible due to its nature. You may not drop 100 times even if you have 99% chance, that's why it's called RNG. What about an increasing odd the more you get rewards? So, every action in the game that can reward you an exotic has a set percentage, some are more frequent, some less and this is fine. BUT what if everytime you complete one of these action said percentage goes up a tiny bit? I'm not talking about +10% every time you do not drop an exotic, of course not. I do not know the number so i cannot suggest a valid amount of increase but let me make an example: If the odds for an exotic to drop from a powerful engram are, let's say, 3% it would be reasonable that this percentage would go up by 0.8% everytime you do not drop an exotic. I know you guys are good in simple math but this means that you will require 121 powerful engrams to reach a 99% chance to drop an exotic. Now before you start saying "Dude that's way too much, it would take more than a month of costant playtime to drop 121 engrams" and you are right BUT you are not required to reach 99% chance. Once you reach 25 or 30% you already have a solid chance, and it only takes 31 engrams to reach 25%. To me it seems a reasonable idea. Of course after you finally drop the exotic from that specific action the percentage is set back at the start and you have to work it up again. If you separate each actions with their own buil-up percentages you can get a consistent amount of exotic rewards without, in my opinion, messing with the rarity and break the game itself.

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