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Another Request to bring back Skeleton Keys for Nightfalls

FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T PLAY D1: A Skeleton key was an item that could randomly by obtained at the end of a strike. It could then be used again at the end of another strike to get a guaranteed piece of strike specific loot. The drop rate for the current Nightfall specific weapons is abysmal. In the past three weeks, I've run about 130 different nightfalls trying to grind for the weapon. 50 of these 130 were Savathun's Song for the Duty Bound. It didn't drop once. Grinding for these weapons should not be THIS much of a chore. At this point I've gotten MORE FORSAKEN EXOTICS than I have Nightfall specific drops. Maybe have Zavala give a Daily quest that gives you a guaranteed Skeleton key, or Have them drop randomly at the end of a NF. I like a grind, but the Nightfall weapons have just been ridiculous.

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