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10/3/2018 4:11:16 PM

A Modest Proposal (Golden Gun vs. Blade Barrage)

I'm writing you today concerning the differences between Way of the Outlaw/Way of the Sharpshooter vs Way of Thousand Cuts. Being a Golden Gun main I was hesitant about this new super being knives. But I did enjoy using Young Ahamkara Spine with Way of the Outlaw pre-Forsaken so I thought I'd give it a try. After filling out all four perks I started to have a lot of fun with Knife Trick and Gamblers Dodge. Plus this path seemed even better for YAS. This week I thought I'd go back to my true Gunslinger ways, only to be disappointed/bored with their play style vs Thousand Cuts. One reason for this I think is that Gunslinger has fairly weak neutral game perks. Both Gunslinger paths have essentially one perk for neutral/passive abilities (Practice makes Perfect and Chain of Woe), while having two to alter their super, and one for their melee. Thousand Cuts has one for super, one for melee and two for neutral/passive play. Please Bungie revisit the old Gunslinger paths and revitalize them in light of Forsaken. Maybe bring back some of the old D1 perks from Gunslinger like Scavenger, Gunslingers Trance and Gamblers Dagger. Just some consideration, because unless I'm playing a DPS/Nighthawk role I'm more incentivized to run Thousand Cuts. TLDR; Improve GG by combining Super perks and adding another neutral/ passive perk

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