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10/3/2018 5:00:10 PM

Make Crucible quests account based PLEASE

I don't want to play PVP on my Hunter anymore. I just want to play Warlock or Titan. Both have 1 hit kill abilities now and I honestly don't know why I should be playing Hunter in PVP. There's nothing in their kits that stands out or counters anything (sure supers counter but I mean abilities)... Dodge would be cool if it worked against Shoulder Charge but that thing does 90 degree auto-piloted turns so dodge is useless against it 90% of the time. I started the quests on my Hunter so any time spent having fun on Warlock or Titan is time wasted that I could have been spending on my Redrix or Luna quest. Please make the quests account based. I don't want to feel bad for diversifying my play with different classes.

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