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Editado por CRAZYFARM: 10/3/2018 2:28:54 PM

Rework the MIDA Catalyst

Let’s be honest Bungo this thing takes the cake for useless shit almost as much as touch of malice in D1 why the hell does mida need outlaw the gun is already so well rounded in every section why not give it something useful like triple tap or kill clip (even though kill clip would absolutely break this gun) but seriously outlaw after weeks of praying to RNG Jesus, you win your comp match you see that golden shine that noise and it’s then let down by the biggest limp dick you’ll ever get outlaw. Jesus please rework the MIDA catalyst it’s HORRIBLE *Edit 1* I will be making a list of possible idea for this guns catalyst, they go as followed: 1. Dragonfly 2. Kill clip 3. Full auto

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