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9/25/2018 8:51:16 PM

Old Subclass Trees: Hunter

So now that the new Forsaken Subclass attunements are playable I'm feeling like several of the old attunements have lost their place in the game so here I'm going to throw out some ideas to make old Subclasses fun/good. Some minor changes and some complete reworks. This post is specifically about hunter classes and I might make more about the titan and warlock classes. I'm just trying to bring them to the same level of exciting synergy that the new classes have. Void Hunter Way of the Pathfinder: Bottom Tree This one is the hunter subclass that I think needs the largest rework because it has no place in the game in its current state. I think this tree deserves to be built from the ground up and making the entire tree revolve around smoke. Melee Ability: Storm Cloud: Throw a smoke grenade with an above average sized smoke screen. Allies standing inside the smoke screen become invisible and gain enhanced radar and reload speeds. Enemies are blinded and suppressed while standing inside smoke clouds. Passive 1: Lockdown: Grenades and smoke effects last twice as long. Damaging an enemy with grenades or cloaking allies with smoke increases sprint speed and recovery speeds for you and nearby allies. Passive 2: Insult to Injury: Killing an enemy blinded by smoke reduces the cooldown of smoke and your super. Super: Blanket Arrows: Shadowshot is a roaming super. (10 seconds and 4 arrows.) Arrows release a suppressing and slowing smoke cloud upon hitting a surface. Precision kills extend the duration of the super. (This perk no longer tethers enemies but blankets enemies in smoke having virtually the same effect as a tether. Orpheus Rig increases arrow count to 6.) Way of the Trapper: Top Tree This is the shadowshot everyone uses so I don't want to change it too much. I'll keep it more traditional. (I just think top and bottom trees should trade names. Because I'm going make this one lean more towards tracking.) Melee: Snare Bomb: Smoke bomb that sticks to surfaces. When an enemy is near the bomb will explode in a short puff. Suppressing and disorienting enemies. (In PvP I thought this smoke could be more unique if it worked like a mini suppression grenade smoke hybrid. Instead of clouding enemy screens it just turns them in a random direction and deals 50 - 75 base damage with no lasting effect other than a short suppression.) Passive 1: Keen Scout: (We'll leave this alone except remove the marking part and give it truesight but only on one Target at a time. Sounds OP but it'll be ok.) Tethered enemies are gradually pulled towards the anchor for easy management. Passive 2: Deadfall: Void anchors release their tethers quicker, at longer ranges, and for longer periods of time. Killing tethered targets and other marked targets grants enhanced ability cooldowns for 5 seconds. Passive 3: Vanishing Step: Replaces shadestep with a void dash. Become briefly intangible and recover quicker from the animation. (I was thinking a void version of the scorn dark ether travel thing. I think it'd be cool. Also this tree just doesn't deserve invisibility. I don't want it cramping the other tree's style.) Solar Hunter: Way of the Outlaw: Top Tree Everyone's go to PvP gunslinger. Just for the extra 3 shots. So I'm going to make the rest of the tree revolve around gunplay and make the super more destiny 1 styled but don't worry I'll keep the 6 shots. I might go a little crazy with this one but whatever. Melee: Explosive Knife: Knife hits reload a portion of your equipped weapons clip. (Keep it otherwise the same.) I'm aiming to make this tree a PvP beast in the right hands. Passive 1: Endless Chain: precision kills with any non heavy weapon increases weapon handling, draw time, reload speed, and ADS speed for 30 seconds. Stacks 10 times. (At the 10 stack just let all weapon related speeds just feel absolutely insane. It'll be fun.) Passive 2: Lock and Key: Golden gun shots can hit multiple targets and golden gun kills cause the target to explode. Killing multiple enemies with one bullet returns one round to the magazine. Passive 3: Six Shooter: Golden gun can be fired quickly up to 6 times. Precision hits do not deal any bonus damage but precision kills extend golden gun's duration. Way of the Sharpshooter: Bottom Tree This tree is enjoyed by some but is ultimately sub optimal so I'm just going to aim to make this tree revolve around high amounts of super use in PvE. I am mainly a PvPer and this isn't quite my thing but I'll do my best. It's supposed to be the easy to use extra forgiving version of golden gun for PvE dps and Casual pvpers. Melee: Knife Juggler: Gain an additional throwing knife. Precision knife kills return the knife and reduce the cooldowns of your super. (Ophidia Spathe grants third knife.) Passive 1: Crowd Pleaser: Golden Gun does additional damage to bosses and supering guardians. Golden Gun is also capable of precision damage. Precision hits reduce the cooldown of your next golden gun and generate additional orbs of light for your allies. Passive 2: Practice Makes Perfect: Dealing precision damage reduces the max cooldown time of golden gun. This resets upon reaching max super energy or death. Passive 3: Line 'Em Up: Precision damage with golden gun extend it's duration and reduce the cooldown of your next golden gun. The first shot you miss with golden gun is returned. Arc Hunter: Way of the Warrior: Top Tree This tree is fine honestly no real complaints. Just one I guess. Lethal current seems pointless to me so I'm gonna change it. Melee: Combo Blow (Same stuff.) Passive 1: Deadly Reach: Shadestep further and dodging increases melee range. Passive 2: Combat Flow: (Leave it it's fine.) Passive 3: Lethal Current: Arc Staff kills extend it's duration and trigger health regeneration. Way of the Wind: Bottom Tree I'm not going to change this tree. It's a good beginner tree. It's mostly full of crutches but that's ok. Forsaken Middle Tree I didn't wanna complain about any of the new trees but this one is lackluster really. I'm going to just suggest a restart sorta. You'll see. Firs thing first is I'm going to suggest a theme change. No more pole dancer. Give this tree a shortsword and buckler combo. It's kool unique and breathes in the life that all the other Subclasses got and arcstaff didn't. Melee: Tempest Strike: A horizontal slice with your shortsword sends a wave of Arc energy forward. Using this ability while sliding will cause an uppercut sending you and your target into the air while also disorienting them. (This should turn their screen around like the other Arc Hunter melee. It should also nullify their ability to melee of any kind for a short time.) Passive 1: Lightning Weave: Melee hits and super hits increase mobility and sprint speed. Passive 2: Ebb and Flow: Hitting an enemy with arc damage electrifies them. Further arc damage will cause them to chain lightning to nearby enemies. Killing electrified enemies reduces all cooldowns. Passive 3: Mirror Buckler: While your Arc Shortsword Buckler Super is active holding down (Button) reflects incoming damage in the direction you are facing. Reflecting damage increases movement speed and damage. Oh boi this is a lot of stuff. If you read all this thanks. List some of your thoughts below and I'll probably read them. I'll probably do one of these for the warlock next. Also Bungo devs if you read this tell me cause I wanna know lmao. This was mainly for fun but if any of it gets into the game somehow I'll probably shit myself. Yeah. I like thinking about how much better things could be. Even tho destiny 2 is the best it's ever been I still wanna see it be better. Anyways yeah see ya.

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