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9/26/2018 3:33:46 AM

The Major Overlooked Problem With Hendrix's and Competitive

Competitive Is In A Good Place


Competitive Is In A Bad Place


I Do Not Play Competitive


(I'm sorry it's very long but I'm really hoping that it is at least read over because I really do love the Idea of ranked competitive but I can't seem to get a break regardless of how well I perform in each match). Now there are definitely different types of players in destiny, this is and always will be the case. However, (and this is also the case in almost all multiplayer ranked systems) some players are superior to others in the matters of the Crucible in terms of their aim and kiting (and such), but considering how important team play is in competitive, some players may end up being ranked unfairly. For example, if a player who is around 1700 skill level gets randomly matched with players from around 1500, or even 1200 (which has happened before) what ends up happening is that regardless of one individuals score, he or she may win or lose regardless of their personal contribution. In other competitive games such as League of Legends or Overwatch, you cannot be judged by your score alone due to the entire game revolving around team play. You may have 20 kills and have not died once in League of Legends, but if you never helped other players and stayed in your lane and farmed, you could still lose and have contributed to the loss of the game as a whole. Situations like this will result in ranked systems in these sorts of games never being perfect (which is okay). However, Destiny Crucible is not like this. The crucible sure could have strategic elements in modes such as Trials, Gambit, and even Countdown, but ranked control and survival have no such elements. It simply revolves around killing other guardians before they kill you. This results in moments where you could have had a perfect K.D ratio, but your team simply did not pull through and it was enough to lose you the game regardless of your personal contribution. This may happen in other game modes but the difference is that the skill of these modes IS having a good K.D. The point I'm trying to make is that in modes such as survival and control it would not only be a functional option, but the most fair system if you were ranked not on your win or loss which may be determined by teammates, but your individual score against your opponents. Not only should it be implemented into these modes, but these modes should be put into their own competitive playlist. This would make the ranked system MUCH more accurate from player to player, and would turn competitive from a heart aching panic hoping your team does well, into a comfortable experience where if you are better than your opponents, you need to be in a higher ranking and the game can easily determine that. One example would be a team of four randoms is matched against another team of four randoms in survival. One team has four evenly matched players, and the other has two poor players, one even player, and one great player. While the team of evenly matched players will mostly go neutral (or barely above or below a 1.0 K.D), and will either gain or lose a very small amount of Glory, on the other team the even player will do the same, but the great player would increase (having a positive K.D), and the poor players would decrease (having a negative K.D.). This would mean that depending on how each player individually performed, they would be rewarded or punished based on their skill alone, not whether their team was good enough or not. In a match like this if the uneven team were to win, the two poor players would be unfairly gain a boost in Glory because of the great player going 30 and 0. The big problem you may be thinking is 'what about people in groups of four on comms?' - to which I also have an answer. If four people (and only four people, no less) are in a fireteam and wish to play competitive, they would have to be put into a special queue only for people in teams of four, which would involve the more strategic game types. This would be very helpful because not only would each player be CHOOSING their teammates, but if they feel that they truly are better at the game strategically they would have the chance to prove it in a gamemode that greatly benefits from strategy which would be much more accessible with comms, unlike control or survival. If you even made it to the end this, I would like to add why I even bother to play competitive if I don't like the ranked system. It all comes down to the rewards. Rewards for reaching the top ranks in destiny crucible is a great accomplishment in its current state, and should be rewarded. However when the rewards are purposely made to be stronger than average weapons, than it creates a very difficult situation for non competitive players. If a player received the Hendrix's Claymore from the previous season, then they are automatically at an advantage over other players in competitive (and can get to legend much easier), making it harder for non season 3 legend players to get the new Legend reward, Luna's Howl. If the system were to continue for another season, than players with the Luna's Howl and Hendrix's Claymore will instantly be at another advantage towards other players who weren't legend in the previous seasons, resulting in a loop where the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. I feel like because Bungie is just beginning their dive into competitive modes, along with the fact that the season is still in the "pve farming" state, it has not been addressed much, however I feel it will become more of a problem later into the season and it may be addressed by bungie too late. Thank you for reading this if you did, and if you are someone from Bungie, I love you and keep up the great work! -Swanker#11566 -also if we could like get an ornament that makes the crimson just literally look like the red death I would actually pay $20 for it but if this makes you rethink addressing the problems above please ignore it.

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