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9/25/2018 5:35:24 AM

Chaos Reach bugged

When using Chaos Reach, especially on mars during escalation protocol, sometimes your weapons and body will disappear from your screen leaving only a reticle. Your weapons will also either not reload or will experienced slight delay when reloading/shooting. Secondly, abilities like “topping off chaos” occasionally will not proc as well as your stats like resilience/recovery/“agility?”(I forget the appropriate name) seem to disappear like you aren’t wearing armor. This leaves you noticeably slower, taking more damage and ability cooldowns taking much longer. Thirdly, after this glitch occurs, using your sparrow will sometimes put you POV underneath your sparrow as you ride. This glitch looks very similar to the old star wars speeder game from N64. Another issue with chaos reach is that the beam contacts walls and obstacles behind you. If you active Chaos Reach with your back against a wall(or simply close to one in some instances) the super will only hit the wall immediately behind you. Lastly, the pillars of light that spawn from slain enemies often do not track to your guardian. Sometimes they only move in a straight line in a random direction, and other times only track you for only a moment before forgetting to track you. They might need more “aggressive tracking”.

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