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9/21/2018 2:29:32 AM

Gear inspection & comparison, Xur & Exotics, Year One fashion

Love Forsaken so far. Thank you! Requests & suggestions: [b]Gear inspection and comparison:[/b] View and compare full perk trees, including currently inactive perks, without opening every item. Even if "deep-compare" only works on identical items (or archetypes), it'd be a significant quality-of-life improvement. Outcome: less time managing gear & playing shell/memory game with gear. More time playing. [b]Xur & Exotic drop rate:[/b] Give Xur a weekly quest e.g. per player/account pick one of PvE (e.g. beat a Raid section, beat a Nightfall) OR PvP quest (e.g. win X Competitive matches) OR PvEvP (e.g. win Y Gambit matches) that rewards part of a token that can eventually be combined for a whole token and redeemed for an exotic. Take 2 to 4 quests/weeks to earn one whole token for a guaranteed new, (still random?) Year Two exotic. Outcome: Xur is useful again. Exotic acquisition rates improve slightly, but still require active play to earn. RNG still important, but not the only path for non-quest Exotics. Exotic acquisition feels more satisfying than Fated Engram. [b]Gear:[/b] Make more of the Year One gear (re)available as Year Two random rolls. The Mars armor (Escalation Protocol and BrayTech) is some of the coolest looking in Destiny 2; it's a shame to "waste" it in Year Two. Outcome: more options to play dress up, look awesome.

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