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Editado por Ziusudra: 9/20/2018 5:31:22 PM

Crucible Loot Bug = Iron Banner Loot Bug

My main character continues to receive no loot when completing Crucible matches - no tokens, no items, no gifts. The bug is also affecting Iron Banner matches, preventing me from receiving Iron Banner tokens and items as well. This problem has been ongoing for over a week now. My alts are receiving loot, but the whole point of my main is that it's the character I want to play. It's very frustrating that this known bug has not been addressed prior to the advent of Iron Banner. I do understand that you're working on it. But still. =) Bounties are working as normal for me. I'm not sure about daily / weekly powerful gear drops. EDIT: Daily & weekly challenges appear to be working as normal for me as well.

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