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9/20/2018 10:16:51 AM

Reset time

Dear Bungie your reset times are driving me crazy. I live in Italy and our reset is set at 19:00 (local time). Problem is it does reset at that time but not all the activities do. For example my crucible (daily and weekly) didn’t reset, and one of my friend didn’t get it for the strikes (weekly and daily), and it’s bad cause we’re missing on powerful gear. Also two days ago with the reset and the start of the iron banner me and my clan decided to grab Hawthorne bounties and we did almost all of them. I was at 95% of completion to get a powerful drop from her but it was late so I decided to do the remaining 5% the day after and went to bed. When I played again yesterday I was back at 0% even if I had done the bounties (and Hawthorne SAYS that I’ve already completed them, including the weekly ones, so I can’t redo them). It’s frustrating, because it also happened with the flashpoint on Nessus last week which strangely enough went from 86% to 35% or something, and not even on the reset day. Can you please look into it? Cause it’s frustrating doing the same things over and over again for nothing.

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